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The following is an agreement between TEJASVEDA (Agni Ayurveda LLC) and the individuals participating in the Ayurveda Healing Retreat scheduled to take place November 2nd -23rd, 2022 in India (Hereafter called ‘EVENT’). 

1. All persons wishing to attend said EVENT must sign this release form. All such persons will be bound by the conditions that follow. The person or persons included on the release form are hereafter referred to as "CLIENT.” 

All agreements are made with Agni Ayurveda LLC, hereafter referred to as ORGANIZER. For legal purposes, ORGANIZER is the sole entity responsible for EVENT. 

2. PAYMENT/ACCEPTANCE OF BOOKING: This release form must be completed and signed by all those who wish to participate in EVENT 

3. CANCELLATION BY THE CLIENT: The cancellation charges are as follows unless otherwise indicated. 

There is a non-refundable deposit of $1000 due at the time of booking. 

Cancellations received 30 days or less prior to trip departure will forfeit the entire cost of the trip. All cancellations must be received in writing or by e-mail. 

4. CANCELLATION BY US: The organizers reserve the right to cancel an EVENT for any reason, but will not cancel less than four (4) weeks before departure except in the case of force majeure. Force majeure is an unusual or unforeseen circumstance outside the organizers’ control. When a EVENT is cancelled in the case of force majeure, the client will receive a full refund minus nonrefundable costs paid by the organizers to facilities in India. Should an EVENT be canceled, CLIENT will not be entitled to make any further claims for compensation or damages for any loss, consequential or incidental damages, expense, loss of time or inconvenience which result from such cancellations. 

5. UNUSED SERVICES There will be no refunds for unused services (e.g. unused hotel 

room, meals, transportation, etc.). 

6. FLEXIBILITY The client appreciates and acknowledges that the nature of this type of travel requires flexibility and should allow for alternatives. The outline schedule as given for each EVENT must therefore be taken as an indication only of what each group may accomplish and not as a contractual obligation on the part of the organizers. It is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or EVENTs, which may include sickness or mechanical breakdown, flight cancellations, strikes, EVENTs emanating from political disputes, entry or border difficulties, climate and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances. 

7. CHANGES: ORGANIZER reserves the right to change any of the facilities, service or prices described by us before a booking is made. If such a change is made, the CLIENT will be told at the time of booking. While the organizers will use its best endeavors to operate this tour as advertised, reasonable changes in itinerary may be made where deemed necessary or advisable by the organizers. If the ORGANIZER makes a major change we will inform the client as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before departure. The definition of a major change is deemed to be a change affecting at least one day in seven of the itinerary. If the major change is due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstance no compensation is payable. The organizers are not responsible for trip participants who decide to stay longer than the planned duration of the trip. 

8. ACCEPTANCE OF RISK: EVENTS led by ORGANIZER have been designed to provide participants with an exposure to the true nature of the environment visited and therefore involve an element of personal risk and exposure to potential hazards over and above those associated with normal "package" holidays. The client acknowledges that the nature of the tour is adventurous and that such trips may involve an amount of personal risk. 

9. AUTHORITY ON TOUR: At all times the decision of organizers will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety and well being of the CLIENT. The CLIENT must at all times strictly comply with the laws, customs, foreign exchange and drug regulations of all countries visited. Should the CLIENT fail to comply with the above, or should the CLIENT interfere with the wellbeing of the group then the organizers may order the CLIENT to leave the EVENT without recourse to any refund. 

10. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: The client must be in possession of a valid passport and all visas, permits and certificates required for the whole of the journey, and the client accepts responsibility for obtaining the same. Information or advice given by the organizers on visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment, etc. is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of the organizers. 

11. FACTORS OUTSIDE THE COMPANY'S CONTROL (FORCE MAJEURE) The organizers will do their best to minimize the effects of matters outside its control, but cannot accept any liability for these matters, which include political disputes, border closures, refusals of visas, industrial action, delayed flights, unforeseeable climate, etc. 

12. INSURANCE: It is the client's responsibility to obtain personal travel insurance. The client accepts full responsibility for insurance up to limits that the client may require to cover personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of effects, repatriation costs and all other expenses. The client acknowledges that the price of the tour does not include the cost of any insurance. 

13. RESPONSIBILITY: All services herein are organized by Agni Ayurveda LLC, ORGANIZER. Notice is hereby given that all arrangements made on behalf of EVENT participants are made by organizers on the sole condition that the ORGANIZER shall not be held responsible for any injury, death, sickness, accident, delay, loss, damage or irregularity that might be occasioned through acts of any company and/or persons engaged in carrying out the arrangements and services of this EVENT. Agni Ayurveda LLC acts as an agent for local transport companies, EVENT centers, and other contractors and shall not be held liable for any injury, damage loss, delay or irregularity that may occur, including, but not limited to, any defect in a vehicle or any other form of conveying a traveler, acts of God, detention, delays or expenses arising from quarantine, strike, theft, force majeure, civil disturbance, government restriction or regulation, accident by aircraft, boat, bicycle, scooter, beast of burden, rickshaw, motor vehicle or any other form of transport or in any guest house, pension, or other form of accommodation. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to alter any itinerary or service at any time without penalty to the organizers. Any additional expenses or cancellation shall be borne by the participant. The organizers reserve the right to withdraw or refuse any service to any participant at the discretion of the organizers. 

ACCEPTANCE & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CONTRACT AND RELEASE FORM (Please read and sign below) I have read the attached terms and conditions and accept and I undertake on my own behalf and on behalf of any other persons for whom this is a joint booking to accept the terms and conditions of this contract and release of liability. 

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Panchakarma in India 2024 - Initial Deposit

Panchakarma is a powerful detoxifying & cleansing program based on ancient purification and rejuvenation techniques from India. You are invited to join Ayurvedic consultant and practitioner Emily Glaser for this special opportunity at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village in south India. 


What’s included:

$4,990 for 21 days includes FULL SERVICE with no surprises! All transportation within India, accommodations, consults & treatments by Vaidyagrama physicians, Ayurvedic medicines, & all meals are included.

$1008 nonrefundable deposit is due immediately. Space is limited - only 10 spots are available.